Youth Activator in Harmony was an Erasmus + training course that took place from 9th to 16th of April 2019 in Jagniątków, Poland.

It was hosted by the Polish NGO Youth Support Centre and saw the participation of youth workers, trainers and volunteers from Greece, Italy, Latvia, North Macedonia, Poland and Romania.
The Italian partners were YMCA Parthenope ONLUS and Cooperativa Sociale Immaginaria.

Aim of the training course was to provide participants with a fresh set of tools and competences apt to support their target-groups in the quest for balance and harmony, key preconditions for boosting their self-confidence, motivation and active participation in the life of their communities.

The toolkit presented here was realized as final outcome of the project.
It is a collection of workshops and activities addressed to youth workers, social workers, trainers and educators, to be used in their practice with their target-groups.
The themes discussed in the toolkit range from safety to playfights, from balance to voice and rhythm, from brainstorming to improvisation, from mindfulness to yoga.
Each activity is presented with a description designed by the trainers and clear indications on aims, rules, target-groups. Interestingly, comments, modification proposals and special remarks coming from the participants in the training course have been also included – a great example of approach in non-formal education, where theory and practice shape each other in a constant dialogue.

Feel free to include this toolkit in your activities with your target-groups, spread it among your contacts, try out your variations… And share with us your experience!


For further information, please contact:

Kamila Fąferek (Youth Support Centre)

Antonio Chiaese (YMCA Parthenope ONLUS)

Claudio D’Agostino (Cooperativa Sociale Immaginaria)