Target groups and stakeholders

  • The direct participants in the activities organized by our strategic partnership are 108 educators and staff. Their profile foresees a strong motivation to participate in their professional training and growth as they are cultural mediators, human rights activists, performing and therapeutical art trainers, digital experts in photography/video-making/social media, coordinators of ESC volunteers, coaches for finding and/or creating work.
  • The indirect beneficiaries who have inspired this project are political refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and second generations who turn to our organizations every day and follow our adult education activities.
  • Other stake-holders involved in our project are the local communities, networks and institutions representing: the Festival of the Montgolfiers (Benevento/Napoli, Italy), the Day of Europe (Skopje, North Macedonia), the Fair Give your Colour (Ankara/Gaziantep, Turkey),  the Carnival of Culture (Berlin, Germany), the ESC Volunteers (Malaga, Spain) and the Imaginarius Festival” (Porto/S. Maria Da Feira, Portugal).