As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, so we use pictures, videos, words, music, … whatever tool is at our disposal to do the best we can in getting our message across!

As a part of our mission to bring awareness on migration, the participants on the trainings promoted by the Exodus Platform have taken such opportunities to develop online and offline campaigns focusing on the realities and needs of human beings on the move.

Among other materials, namely fact sheets and posters, available on our social media, on our Youtube channel you may find various videos created during the three of the mobilities that have taken place so far under the auspices of the Exodus project:

  • memories regarding the intercultural experiences lived during the Youth Exchange Let’s Enjoy Differences and Uniqueness Together, in Italy

YE LEDUT – YouTube

  • testemonies about the subject from the participants of the Training Course Raise Your Voice! Stand Up for Human Rights!, in Portugal, and a super funny intercultural video challenge originally developed for TikTok

TC Raise Your Voice! Stand Up for Human Rights! – YouTube

  • contributions to the #StandWithPeace campaign developed during the Training Course Labpur Market Integration of Migrants, in Turkey

#StandWithPeace Campaign – YouTube

All videos are available for free use for all of those whose purpose is to promote the rights and well-being of migrants; whatever typology (inter)national law (or agendas) makes them fall on.

We stand together for their rights! We #StandWithPeace!