The Exodus Migration Factsheets

The Exodus Migration Factsheets

About a year ago the EXODUS partnership met in Portugal for the Training Course Raise Your Voice! Stand Up for Human Rights!

By then, an online human rights campaign, focused on the promotion of the inclusion of migrants, was developed by the participants using multiple media.

As part of the training, the participants got some insights on how to use the online free design tool Canva.com do work on the messages they wanted to spread so that it would be done in the most appealing way possible for all audiences.

The result was the creation of various FACT SHEETS, presenting migration related data, clarifying concepts, raising awareness on facts that are unfortunately much too often disregarded by a crescent number of politicians and opinion makers all over Europe.

To bring the needed light over such important details, the partnership has, then shared those materials in all its social media so that the messages would reach an enlighten as many as possible.

More inspirational or more informative, each one brings to the table a subject that invites us to reflect and participate in the construction of a fairer world for all.

If you want to participate in our dissemination effort, feel free to use any of the content produced. It’s all available on EXODUS PLATFORM’s social media accounts or you can download our fact sheets here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1PzcQVpIA9I7zcfxgzERxxIti8uCABMpV?usp=share_link

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