CORPLAY: counter radicalization campaigning

CORPLAY: counter radicalization campaigning

Many of the materials developed within its scope may easily be adapted and used in migration related contexts. 

One of the intellectual outputs developed by Rosto was a set of counter narrative guidelines based on a methodological script built over a bottom-up process, relying on the previous mapping of sport radicalization narratives, and the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the campaign needed to respond to them in a positive way. 

“Readers will be able to understand the whole process that led to the construction of a real campaign, and to acquire useful tools either for replication or for adapting it to their own contexts”, being that some of the violent narratives inciting hate speech and actions in the sports environment are based on the same characteristics that raise such attitudes towards migrants in general on a daily basis, namely ethnic and/or racial related ones. 

As an example, you may also check some of the materials developed by Rosto for the campaign “Bichinhos na Cabeça”, aimed at raising awareness about the origin of the most common prejudices at a local level and the different types of social discrimination noticeable in various contexts. 


Rosto Solidário, is part of the collaborative learning platform CORPLAY, destined at raising awareness and preventing youth radicalization. 

Promoted by the Greek organisation KEAN, the Erasmus+ supported collaborative partnership CORPLAY – COunter Radicalization PLAY was aimed at combatting situations of intolerance, xenophobia and discrimination that may result in extremism, namely in sports.  

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