The Exodus KA2 Strategic Partnership is focused on the exchange of good practices among European organizations working in the field of adult education, especially in favour of migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and second generations.

The partner organizations involved in the project are: YMCA Parthenope Onlus (Italy), Alrahallah Theater – Berlin (Germany), International Labur Association (Turkey), Rosto Solidario (Portugal), CET PLATFORM MACEDONIA (North Macedonia) and Asociaciòn Juvenil Intercambia (Spain).

Our full area of intervention focuses on the reinforcement and development of the life-long key competences of our staff and volunteers working in inclusive activities such as art therapy, performing arts, ESC (European Solidarity Corps) volunteering, search and creation of work, human rights campaigns and social/digital media communication.

Goals of the strategic partnership are:

  • To reinforce the cooperation among the organizations involved;
  • To increase the process to exchange good practices for the inclusion and integration of migrants;
  • To create the on-line web platform “Exodus” that will integrate the communication channels of the partner organizations;
  • To increase the social impact of our communication, especially digital and social.

The first result of the project will be the creation of the “Exodus” on-line web platform, devoted to the social inclusion of migrants and the online integration of the partnership organizations. The Exodus Platform will include: audio/video content and toolkits from the learning activities; the training resources used with migrants; the summarizing documentation acknowledging the key competences of our staff and educators participating in this project.